Past Teams

Over the years since 2011, the Satori Academy programme has successfully helped many teams onto the podium. Learning how to skydive is much more than just scoring points and cross-referencing. It’s about learning how to gel as a team, working towards a common goal and enjoying the journey.

The Team Experience

“We were incredibly excited about the competing in the UK Nationals! The whole academy experience has been fantastic, we have learned so much and made so many new friends. Thank you all so much for the effort you have put into our training, Aaron you have been an amazing coach and Jules there would be no Satori academy without your incredible organisational skills!”
Amanda, Stu, Paul and Katie – Satori Purple

“Back in 2012, I joined AAA team, Dynamite Wolf Squadron. With Julia and John’s help, we went to eventually score a 13.3 average. They struck the right balance for our team of seriousness and fun. I would recommend the Satori Academy experience as it involves tailor-made training for your exact needs. I’m still loving my skydiving now and much of that owes to the great times I had back then.”
Ane Brentford, DWS

“We are super excited / nervous and can’t wait to get the first round going. I know I speak for all of us saying how much we have appreciated all your support and expertise this season.”
Carol, Fiona, Karen, Patty and Graham – Satori Yellow